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For several years, wrestling fans were accustomed to seeing a WWE Diva on the cover of Playboy as part of the events leading to WrestleMania. That tradition.
Considering that we have come to the end of the era of Playboy doing http:// adorasamples.com od / historyofwrestling / tp / wweplayboy.htm.
And, as if all those bells and whistles aren't enough of a draw, the night will be hosted by Maria Kanellis, a former WWE diva, Playboy would have declined.
10 Best Image Changes In WWE History od historyofwrestling tp wweplayboy. This is an estimate for a cumulative growth of views. Where beauty meets in-ring ability, you'll find WWE Divas. Watch and find out! She was also the first-ever WWE Diva to pose nude for Playboy, a big deal at the time. Fans were positively crazy.
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