nvdy x reader lemon punishment

WARNING: THIS IS A LEMON I do not own black butler in any way Sorry if this is bad, it's my first story.
Dirty Little Secret [Rivaille/Levi x Reader ] a secret, I would be giving you a punishment for skipping your chores. .. And Levi made a lemon happen. .. Rivaille x Reader (AU): Envy "(Name), Those books look a little heavy.
(a/n). Sorry so short x (There will be a part 2. To release some nonsexual tension hope you enjoy this chapter. ;) but not to much. ~~ LEMON WARNING ~~. I haven't noticed that he had chained me to the bed until he pulls away. His head falls back in pleasure. All his weight was in each thrust making it hard for me not to scream in both pain and pleasure. I cum hard taking my breath away. He wanted to get to know them better. He pulls back after a while. He moans and bites at my earlobe giving me goosebumps. nvdy x reader lemon punishment azaan 100 times for one of the segment to removed evil magic 100 times

Nvdy x reader lemon punishment - know ladies

I was getting close fast. He suddenly stops as I get close. He wanted to get to know them better. He pulls out and cums onto my ass. Sebastian pins me to the bed we were still laying on.
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