Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2001 Quality of life in functional dyspepsia: responsiveness of the Nepean Dyspepsia Index and development of a.
Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology 10, (August | doi nrgastro These are the areas of focus of this Review. Full size figure and legend (104 KB) ยท Figures and tables index with diarrhea but not in functional dyspepsia in pediatric age patients.
metric properties of the Nepean Dyspepsia Index -Short. Form (NDI-SF), before moving on to study quality of life in patients with functional dyspepsia (FD) and.
Trials that observed the prognosis of FD coexisting with other disorders e. And full-texts of the remaining articles were obtained and screened out for eligibility by two reviewers Cai and Hu. Despite the comprehensive collection and the large number of individuals on which those estimate was based, different mechanism and curative properties of acupuncture therapies might give rise to an equivocal conclusion. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. Moreover, regarding ineffective rate, our meta-analysis implied that acupuncture was superior to either sham acupuncture or medication. Since FD is a chronic disease that is well known to wax and wane, a longer follow-up period with serial measurements of outcomes is also suggested to determine the validity of acupuncture in the long-term courses. Thirdly, highly heterogeneous application of acupuncture is probably a bigger impediment to the consistency between studies, nrgastro focus functionaldyspepsia index..

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Search Pubmed for Gary M. Disagreements were resolved by consensus, and the third reviewer Du was consulted when disagreement persisted. We provide an overview of these serotonergic actions and treatment strategies. You can request this document from a number of document delivery services. Given this, we eventually applied a random-effects model. To begin with, the results of our meta-analysis revealed significant differences in acupuncture versus sham acupuncture for lowing NDSI and symptom scores after four-week treatment, while no significance was detected for NDSI after two weeks' therapy. RCTs that applied acupuncture as the therapeutic intervention for treating FD were included.
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