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North America Shampoo is a detergent, and like most detergents, it not only cleans, but it strips -Tsh with 'How to Wash Your Hair With No Shampoo '.
" No poo " (or no shampoo) is a collective term for methods of washing hair without commercial shampoo. Contents. [hide]. 1 Theory; 2 Reasons. 2.1 Chemical.
Here’s what I knew then: You go through a terrible phase where you don’t wash your hair at all. When that phase is over, you do the following instead of using shampoo: put baking soda in your hair, rinse it out, put apple-cider vinegar in your hair, rinse it out. no shampoo n .

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I washed my hair every three to four days, depending on how oily it was. Mercola and his community. Only when I have no other alternative. It may set you back a day or two, but your hair will be just fine. You made my day. But probably not more than twice a week. Now my hair feels great, no shampoo n .. They basically formed spiral curls all the way to the baking soda DMZ. Usually the second day I can wear it down again. I have a fine hair and Im thinking of buying the Suave product as the baking soda and ACV dry out my hair completely. There's no arguing that using less shampoo means less plastic bottles headed to landfills or recycling plants, and that's obviously a good thing. IMPORTANT UPDATE: My hairdresser has gone on to recommend this to many of her clients and they have reported back with great results. I am starting to give up hope.
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