news why the alt left is a problem

The latest political news and opinion from left to right and back. Why the Alt - Left Is a Problem, Too — Much of the media spotlight has been.
The solution to every problem is bigger government. If there are no The alt - left is everything bad the left claims about the right. It is extreme.
We hear about the alt -right and the alt - left, but the real issue is the After all, would the nightly news anchor who looks so honest really lie?. news why the alt left is a problem
Some were thrilled to vote for the first female major-party nominee — and the historically progressive platform she campaigned on. Others claim that the choice before us is Sandersism or barbarism. Nor does he offer a rebuttal to the left-wing critique of class-blind identity politics. But when liberals respond in kind, they do nothing to clarify — or resolve — all that divides our side of the aisle. In his column, he cites the Tumblr blog Trumpian Leftismwhich aggregates tweets from leftists who allegedly evince sympathy for Trumpism. Give a Gift Subscription of New York Magazine. Digital Edition of New York Magazine.
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