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News. New Quantum Equation Suggests The Big Bang Never Happened And What if there was never any big bang and the universe has just always existed?.
The big bang really happened, despite claims in the popular press. Basically his equation describes how a volume of matter changes over time, ..://www. news / big Also, it isn't clear that such a quantum potential or quantum field would.
The Big Bang caused acceleration created the radial currents of the matter and since the matter No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning. .. news big - quantum - equation - universe. html. MICROSCOPIC UNIVERSE

Oral: News big quantum equation universe.

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News big quantum equation universe. 538
News big quantum equation universe. We have no idea what happens at that point, only a mathematical hypothesis. As they exist today, they always did in one way or another. If there was ever a "Grand Unified Theory of Everything" this is it. When something IS created, it's done in a lab, by intelligent beings - US. It seem science is going through some kind of a renaissance with a lot of new and refreshing work going on.
Because we are discussing stars in a universe that is infinitely old. The terms also make predictions that agree closely with current observations of the cosmological constant and density of the universe. The Big Bang is a remarkable point in time but pondering why anything exists at and HOW everything exists is truly and ultimately inexplicable. It is basic Science philosophy that extrapolation can act as a guide to discovery, new physics, etc. No length, width, depth, time does not exist. Europium silicide has for some time attracted the attention of scientists.
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