news article Bangladesh brothels Prostitutes forced steroids.

Girls as young as 12 sold to brothels in bonded sex work. * Ninety percent of teenage prostitutes take steroids to appear "healthier". * One steroid taken The girls are first forced to take it by their madams, or "sardarnis", who run the brothels . . Reuters is the news and media division of Thomson Reuters.
Sex worker Bristi walks a hallway near her room in the Town Brothel, in Faridpur, Bangladesh. I was sold and forced into prostitution when I was 13,” Asha says, in the small, Many of Faridpur's 600 prostitutes also take Oradexon pills (Dexamethasone), a steroid used to fatten livestock. . recent articles.
Why is a steroid meant for cows so popular among prostitutes in sex workers in Bangladesh are considered to be owned by brothel madams. They take it because they say it makes them stronger, larger and more attractive. One prostitute said, "If I die because of taking Oradexon I won't have any remorse because my son is all set," and this thinking is shared by most of the women and girls who make the choice to stay and take the medicine that may someday kill them. Bangla 'teen' brothels hold dark steroid secret. There are young children playing in every corner. R eports from human rights monitors indicate that child abandonment, kidnapping, and trafficking for prostitution continue to be serious and widespread problems in Bangladesh.

News article Bangladesh brothels Prostitutes forced steroids. - had

This is where Oradexon comes in to play. Oradexon is also highly addictive and has intense withdrawal symptoms, such as skin rashes and chronic migraines. Nobody helps us, but we sex workers need help," one sex worker told the BBC. I wish to save some money for my son. My husband's first wife loves my child. news article Bangladesh brothels Prostitutes forced steroids.
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