nevada brothel owner helps sex workers student loan debt will match months of payments

This week the owner of Nevada's Bunny Ranch announced a new perk for his sex - worker employees: He will match their student loan payments. “She paid them all off in two months." (Assuming Bunny Ranch Luckily, sex work is not the only job that will help cover your student loan debt. A growing.
Nevada brothel willing to pay student loans for new sex workers sex workers are doing so to help pay down their student loans. And one pimp is offering to help. Dennis Hof, owner of Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal brothel in the state According to Hof, he will match student loan payments equal to what.
The owner, Dennis Hof, has more than 500 ladies working for him, and To have the opportunity to pay off student loans in two months makes for a is not something one does for 60 days to pay off student loan debt. Prostitution is a career choice—one many sex workers cannot escape for up to 30 years. nevada brothel owner helps sex workers student loan debt will match months of payments Your employer must make the funds for the entire plan year available at the beginning of the year. Credit Scores FICO and Experian Team Up to Broaden Free Credit Scores. The prostitutes at the Bunny Ranch set their own sex rates and basically operate on a commission basis. Get ECN delivered to your inbox daily. As the job market tightens, loan repayment offers may be a way for companies to compete for and retain millennial workers. Some employers offer monthly payments, others one-time lump sums, and payments can be used to pay down private or federal loans. The initial roll out included a few hundred dealerships in the Southeast.

Nevada brothel owner helps sex workers student loan debt will match months of payments - this girl

The owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal whorehouse in Nevada, has announced that he will pay down student loans for new sex worker underlings. Black History Month: Black power is not the same as white... Information shown is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended as investment, legal or tax planning advice. The owner said oftentimes students return at a later date and apply for positions as prostitutes. Brothel owner Dennis Hof says he was inspired by the growing number of debt-laden college students he's seen turning to sex work as a fast way to pay off their loans. Not so long ago, employers competed for younger workers with unlimited snacks and foosball tables. The brothel owner is doing something noble for sex workers overwhelmed with debt from student loan payments.
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