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Tags: cuckold cuckolds wives mfm cuckold husband ยท Text. May 04 I am married to the love of my life who gave me the best gift a man could ask for. Well, one.
I have been fascinated by the cuckold lifestyle for a number of years, even before I met my wife. It was the fact that she agreed to cuckold me sealed our love for.
I'm Bill Pleaser and Cuckolding has been arousing me since I was a teenager and had no name for this fantasy. This is my life and my fantasies. I enjoy writing.

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I want this so damn bad. Up until this time she always insisted on doing her own laundry, now she wanted me to do it, but she was very picky. It appears the more the wife enjoys it the more turned on the husband gets. She spends days and even weekends with him and loves the aggressive and sustained sex with her boyfriend, not to mention his huge cock and seems to get enjoyment out of my humiliation at my own inadequacy. Playlists Containing This Video. For those of us with prostate issues, this is the only way to enjoy healthy longterm wear.
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